Faith Assembly Christian Center Mission

The mission of FACC(TLW) is to reach the world for Jesus through the the word of God’, by allowing growth in mind, will and emotions (SOUL). This mission is achieved through the five (5) E’s.

EVANGELISM – Every thing can’t be done inside the church. The training ground in is the church, but the work must be done in the street. Every week a team goes into the community to reach people who can’t or won’t get to us without us reaching out to them.

EDUCATION – Once we evangelize, we bring them into our training camp(the church) We teach in depth from A to Z about the bible. Every thing is setup on a teaching and training mode.

EMPOWERMENT – People have the right to be built up. There are gifts that lie dormant within people, because they were never encouraged to explore and use their gifts. At FACC we empower through the 3 C’s – Challenge, Change & Commit. We challenge them to search for the greater gifts inside them. We try to help them to change and realize that great things don’t have to just happen to everyone else. We try to get them to commit to whatever they decide to achieve until they succeed.

ENTREPRENUERSHIP – as we empower people we help them to realize that many of their gifts and talents are a means for them to have their own business. We teach administration, organization, structure, vision,and discipline, which are skills for business.

EDIFICATION – As one begins or continues to grow in previous 4E’s it is ever so important that we encourage them and provide Word based reinforment to each and every person regardless of what background or position they come from. The Lord wants to build upon who we are by building upon who He is through instructing us in moral and religious knowledge which increases as we develop a relationship with him.

Last modified on January 20, 2013

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